Monday, 27 February 2012

The Verreaux's Rehabilitation.

On Sunday I went to visit a very lucky Black eagle (Verreaux’s eagle!) at Eagle Encounters, Spier. It had been rescued from a reservoir in the Sandveld and was rehabilitated by Hank Chalmers and team. In fact, this eagle was found in a reservoir very close to a pair which I monitored last season. Whether or not it was one of my study-birds is impossible to say for sure at this stage, but it is a possibility.
It is not uncommon for raptors to drown in reservoirs, therefore this successful rescue and rehabilitation is a special occasion. Lucia Rodrigues went to ring (SAFRING) the eagle before it was released close to Porterville later in the day - Well done and thanks to Eagle Encounters.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Evosat sponsor BEP

I am very pleased to have Evosat onboard as the latest sponsor of the Black Eagle Project. They have given the use of a satellite phone and monthly top ups. This is an essential for my Cederberg research where there is absolutely no cell phone reception… particularly in the case of broken limbs! ;) So as I head out into the field this morning you can imagine how grateful I am for this piece of equipment – Many thanks Evosat!