Wednesday, 24 August 2011

3's the magic number

I found a new nest today bringing the Cederberg total up to 20! I'm not sure yet if it's active but there was a pair of Black eagles circling around the area so hopefully there's something going on. More interestingly it fits perfectly on my maps... in areas where availability of a suitable cliff is not a limiting factor it seems that Black eagles in the Cederberg will nest approximately 3km apart... as I explore more I hope that this trend will continue.
Over the next while I will be looking at the overall status of Black eagles in the Western Cape. So if you know of any nests that we can 'put on the map' please get in contact.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011


 These incredible photos were taken by Quinton Martins (of the Cape Leopard Trust) on July 31st - it is a nest in the Cederberg - in fact the same nest which the adult can be seen incubating in the June section of the Photo Diary and the eggs were also photographed.  Fantastic! 
The second egg won't hatch now as it's not being incubated anymore so no Cain and Abel here...